Vedas Patha

I started my Veda classes in Sri Shankara School of culture later I changed so many veda patashalas I started with Purusha Suktha, Sri Suktha, Durga Suktha etc.  I feel initially it’s very tough people said why are you bothering about that going on practice it is coming by daily practice.  I wanted to earn some money on that my economic condition was very worst I was facing economic insecurity and so many problems my family members are not industrial or creative nature I tried so many things and failed several times I was worked hard I was getting very little salary or no salary I was also not very intelligent  I thought if I learned some vedas I can earn little money I was thought to learn the vedas within two years.

But it’s not very easy initially so many years I didn’t earn anything I was going on practising and training for chanting vedas.  They started pavamana but later I feel it’s too much everyday they are chanting two hours I skipped I was started to going basic of vedas small mantras I got little confidence when I was in Beligiri Ranganatha Veda Patashala they started Yajuraranyaka in the mornings the teacher was Govinda Raja Sharma he was trained by kanchi mutt people are working in big firms are coming they attended so many classes they are learned very fastly in the morning 5-7 people learned yajuraranyaka I left I feel it’s too much they extended to Bramhana and Samhita etc.
I wanted to do some other job along with this so I joined LIC and NIC  Composite Insurance for insurance I passed the exam but wasted I did not earned anything I wanted to join Computer course there is a continuous problem in my house I did not dare to join circumstances are not in favor of me in my house there is no support from anyone I was always facing trouble I was endured so much pain so much uncertain I continued veda classes because what happens the next day I don’t know veda classes are free people in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chinmaya Mission etc People are wearing pant and shirts they all had interested and shraddha and learning they are teaching Udakashanti prayoga in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan I did not understand it was two hours I lost the patience it’s far also I attended few good classes.
I learned very basic mantras I was going on slowly I realized I can’t learn the mantras easily at once it’s taking so many years.  My inspiration was to learn the vedas a small institution was giving small mantras to chant they told that mantras had bijaksharas which will chant often it gives peach and prosperity etc.
In so many places people are so sharp they grasping at once so many people also failed to learn the vedas I am in between I learned little.  I was attended so many poojas and worked as a priest in a few temples it was giving little money very toughest life I wanted to becoming a tailor, data entry operator or any clerical grade data entry operator or any money earning work but the circumstances was very bad.
So many times too long hours one to two hours in Chinmaya mission they are teaching small basic mantras they are told to repeat everytime I learned on there Taiteriyopanishat, some parts of Mahanarayanopanishat, starting part of Aruna Prashna they are going very slow they are teaching several times one paras every week.  The next teacher in Chinmaya mission is Chandrashekar he was coming from prashanth nagar he told he was attending the poojas in Prashanth Ganapathi Temple he was teaching rigveda and yajurveda very tough mantras along with repetition slowly he was checking everyone they are chanting properly or not I finally joined Sri Siddi Vinayaka Veda Pata Shala there they are teached Mahanyasa, all the Yajurveda Basics, theya re gone advanced classes like Bramhana, Pavamana Suktha, Chandi parayana, Durga Saptha shati, Vishnu Sahasranama etc.  In chinmaya Mission they are chanting slokas, Bhagavad Geeta, Hanuman chalisa etc everyday. They are told the meanings also I attended so many classes several places several organizations on Veda.  They are going on describing the meaning of mantras one by one sanskrit word similarly in Iskcon on Bhagavata I saw lecture on Krishna and their idealogies and their organizations.   I was gone so many years to Ramakrishna Ashram, when I was unemployee and still attending to Bramhakumaris classes.  I was in a very difficult situation they are feeding me I was going to die without proper food on that occasion the bramhakumaris helped some extent in worst condition  I was doing meditation on there to remove all the pains only to remember the god my one brother also started madly told as he was going to spiritually but now he is mentally ill he was reading and bringing so many books on spiritual.
I attended classes on Pavamana for six months I feel I learned to toold too long timing so much waste of time and yajuraranyaka also long timings too much time later I feel and fixed time regularly one to two hours it was bored so much and again started I joined so many jobs in between I was not succeed competitively in front of others I left so many jobs  on that time I was chanted in house so many times where I joined temples I was chanting where I stayed I feel on those days where I was in out of Bangalore city lot of insecurity now I am aged I learned some basic vedas more extent I feel still going on practice I now joined sanskrit classes and planning astrology agama etc.

Normally people are chanting for parayana mantras are Aruna Prashna, Mahanarayanopanishat and Taiteriyopanishat, Narayanopanishat.

I was going to chant of Rudra and Chamaka on temple so many days approximately two years one day I feel I can chant without book if I tried and repeat some times I done and succeed.  Normally sankalpa, panchamrut Abhisheka, Malapakarshana snana, Ganesh pooja etc.

Purusha Suktha was using general chanting people in so many lectures told about meaning.

Sri Suktha People normally in so many houses women is also chanting there is no one type of srisuktha they made so many books so many types short long along with palashruthi, Ashirwad mantra and Mangalarati mantra.

Pradosha pooja, Shresti Pooja, Sankasta Chaturthi pooja, Satyanarayana pooja, Masa Shiva Rathri, Amavasya  Sri chakra and Navagraha pooja along with Punyaha, Naandi, Agnimukha.

In some special occasion they using Udakashanti prayoga and Ashirwad ghana many a times.  In Udaka Shanthi so many mantras are coming like Bagya Suktha, Ayusha suktha, Nakshatra Suktha, Malapakarshana Snana etc.

Most of the Rudra Abhisheka they are using Mahanyasa, Trishathi, Krama Pata, Mangalarathi mantra.  Each and every temple they are going on doing so many urathas I learned not commercially I was only attending if anybody called as assistant.  People are told me to chat everyday Ganesh Atherva Sheersha, Navagraha Suktha, Ganesh Suktha etc to move all my problems.

Brahmins have become a ‘minority’

Something was not right in India for brahmins we can’t talk about in pakistan or bangladesh for example reservation, job, education everything is probleming today. Not only brahmins are minority their population was decreasing.

Learning to be Terse

I’ve written about caste-based reservation in the past, more than once. Caste-based reservation has been mainstream political fait accompli in this country since independence. However, there is a small but vocal group of people taking the contrarian position on this and arguing that brahmins are in fact the most oppressed community. Like in this video:

Now, most of the video is just a display of some mixture of hubris and self-pity from people who think they deserve better: “I’m a Brahmin and this is what my life has come to. But I tell you I will starve to death, but not clean toilets for a living.” There’s nothing I can say or do that will make their lives better, and barring that, I have no right to say they shouldn’t be bitter about how their lives have turned out.

What I can do, however, is list the statistics that…

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My recent Interviews and experiences

I attended the interview in HBO financial for tele-caller.  One woman was told me if I did not join this job I can’t work or can’t get anywork anywhere if I am going like this type.  So I too thought similarly they are getting commission for if I worked 4 months I too need money so I take a bus pass and gone to Banaswadi I take as ususal 70 rs bus pass and started it takes me to go and come whole day with a lot of  traffic and not clear communication they told me there is a age limit for that job so I returned the next day I attended similarly attended the Interview in Tropicana Juice Company in JP Nagar from a unknown consultancy they take a test in laptop it’s very small keyboard I am not fast so he give me a test to identify and type, size, colour, type etc a few lines.  Afterwards I was gone towards koramangala for saw the job in Zenith Software, Koramangala I got sms so I was gone there  the receptionist told me to wait upto 4.30 there is a lot of time it’s 12.30 I started to coming back to my home I got a call for interview from think and learn pvt ltd.  So I attended the typing test and selected HR round is also over they told me as a salary 11k.  I got a some other company previously called G1 Technologies, mylasandra.  It’s a remoted area there is no hotels they are agreed to give a salary 10k. Without asking these people told me 11K.  I was agreed and it’s convenient me also but it’s far it’s taking me almost 1.45 minutes reach and return. It was 10-7 day shift everything was right the salary day for 26 days they put 7,151.00 against what they told it was 31 march I inquire my collegues they told me I was asked the appointment letter also but they are postponed finally the salary slip was coming they are putting very less salary it’s taking 11 april so I left the job I feel it’s not working out even I can’t take the pg in koramangala or maintain.  They next month they are credited 31 April 8,526.00 I enquired they told me it’s was some error is happened each and every department or not connected what was wrong going on there I did not know or is’t not a proper company they told me to revert to the company I am thinking what to do now? I feel it’s a very headache company.  I thought if they are agreed like the first they talk as 11k later I feel I done a better work.

I attended the Interview in NK consultants Jeeven Bhima Nagar, Bangalore,  If feel it’s very heavy traffic I can’t reach the place in time so let the company.

My next company was Domlur Layout, old airport service Road, I attended the Interview they are asking vlookup, hlookup, filter, Pivot table etc. I was done basic excel.  So I done my best.

The next interview was Excide life, as a insurance agent MG Road they called me without giving a clue it’s insurance company I understand and told them I was worked as a composite insurance agent and not succeed remembering one thing once they electricity department was bringing one law for AEH whose reading is below 100 units they consumer has to pay highest of the month they meter was reading and they imposed on theft charges it’s very difficult situation to put the meter we have to pay 500 rupees to remove also very bad timing my mother was done a insurance it’s matured we finally paid the electricity company I told him frankly finally he agreed it’s very difficult to do I returned.

The next interview was GSE enterprises 100 feet ring road JP nagar 6th phase.  Some type of filter company they wanted who know who wheeler and like sales tally accounts it’s a well paying company I was not selected for not knowing they need MS Office very well in depth knowledge in accounts on everything.

Most of the job I got night shifts  I can’t work in night shift my health was very bad.  Along with all these headaches in thinkandlearn company Icici Bank savings accounts they are giving demat accounts also first of all I didn’t had money I was running poor condition.

I earned for attending as a assistant priest job for little money my money was going most of the bus food after noon meals and interviews with all that I am coming from upper poor class others had reservations.  If I am a minority I got a another chance.

Before joining think and learn I decided to leave all my activities I left so many hobbies which is giving me money I loss the ways.  I struggled in so many companies to get a salary. So many times.

Men and women as I saw

When I was hone for an interview when I was returning from there I saw a one white girl who is very white I tested it’s a white patch disease or real white color I realized it’s real white color.  I dreamed about her if I were married like that type of girl on those days she was standing in front of me I knew her she was talking in hindi I feel like she is hindi speaking and Kannada speaking girl she was talking about chemistry, maths and technical with old persons in park.  She was on the way so many times confronting me she was very big girl for her age approximately she was 20 she was looking very old compare to her friends at least anyone was telling she was 28 to 35.  I thought if she was liked me and she behaved and saw me like that type if it was falling after one year I saw her one day realized she was married.  I thought her marriage was fixed before she was just showing a fashion show in front of me.

If I am described about her she is looking like a white big pig as people saying red lips very white skin like a christians but I am thinking she was a marwari or jain like that type of girl and vegetarian I saw her so many times in park bus bus stand near by places.  I saw several types of girls in villages very wild girls normally they are black they had two hairs like a horns they are going for the schools like a buffalos very low age but body was growing I really did not understand.  So many times they are filled in the buses children full of boys and girls very wild.  Some of them are looking in a one of the PG Accommodation like a hens which is cleaning and hanging in the chicken shoes their bodies was like that types when they are wearing underwears and banians.   I am also thinking about god and his creature.

The god is created men and women differently and attraction, cunning  If there is money in between and power prestige, materialistic etc Very harsh and peculiar world and relationships throughout my life I dreaming not real only fiction I always feel none of them was real.   Sever times I feel women was cunning and several times they are good I feel and never understanding a women I was only studying I know only bitter experiences and betrays which always continue I still studying thousands in my life.  I am very sorry about my caste and community and vegetarians.

Several times I am comparing women with cows they are so good and bad.

People are telling in my community they wanted to wash hands to their children marriage for girls before 18 or after 18 so many majority of them are below 20 I feel  they are telling age is not reliable and the caste people are telling high attraction after that particular age was coming  in top bramhin caste they telling they don’t want to embrassment in future their children they don’t wanted to marry in other religions and castes they are giving many examples.

These days I am feeling a very big herd of girls was married and gone most of them are gone none of them was remaining for me.  I am feeling I am already aged once upon a time people are telling so many brides are there is no grooms now things changed there are lot of grooms are there but there is no brides.

Kannada Rajyotsava

I saw people are collecting money joining and celebrating Kannada Rajyotsava they are conducting so many sports competition, singing etc.  I learned Nudi Software some months ago in BALC now it’s becoming useless.  How we are scrapping our own language?

What the Kannada people need I am thinking we need to unite where the other states like Tamilnadu, Kerla, Maharastra, Andra Pradesh and Goa.  There is a large amount of Kannada speaking people are there we are ignoring them there is no promotion in other states for Kannada Language individual can’t do much more about but can be able to do limited help to improve Kannada culture and langauge.  By making similar to MES like Kannada Ekikarana Samithi then we can be able to respond against Kannada and country dividing forces.

downloadKannada people needs I feel Good technical Book like British Library is providing and technical training in Kannada and very big colleges like PES, BMS and RV Engineering colleges who are coming from other states we have to help them to learn Kannada by coaching Audio and Video Visual Courses. Government is collecting so much of huge money from private colleges they have to spend on so much of percentage like 25% on Kannada Development and other states Kannada speaking and learning people and also make reservation for who studied up to 10th in Kannada.  I never heard our state or government is helping the Kannada people.  In the world people are giving importance to their mother tongue except Kannada People are forgetting I saw so many children they did not know their own mother tongue.  Anybody who wanted to open a school giving free licence.  I heard again and again government is not appointing the teachers particularly Kannada ignoring they are giving so much importance to English, Hindi and surprisingly Urdu.  I saw Tamilians are making so many Universities like Anna, Annamalai, Madras etc and they are teaching technical courses in Tamil Language and Kannada not in Karnataka.  Very very slow implementation of language I am thinking we have to develop all the might using Kannada.  People are telling Kannada Organization is for money not for fighting Cause for Kannada.

Computer Education and jobs

I joined  computer course in NICT it’s coming nearly an end.  I completed in C and now learning VB.  One faculty in that institute told me you did not had a logical talent it’s difficult to work in the field and useless.  I joined diploma in Computer application in Annamalai University for studying further.  I bought a book MS Office wrote by C Nellai Kannan Nels Publications and Office 2010 by Prof. Satish Jain BPB publications and feel good and I had two books given by nict institute also referring so many books like visual programming by Veeranna VK and Janaki devi SJ, Computer concepts and C Programming by Rajesh Hongal- Eastern Book Promoters Belgaum, Dynamic Memory Computer Course by – Guru Biswarup Roy Chowdhury etc.

I was looking for data entry operator job on those days I feel difficulty in the jobs and I wanted to make familiar in computer programs I feel it’s difficult in contact programs so I joined the course.  At presently I am practicing the computers theory daily and practicals and referring book how I can improve myself even Internet was easy my typing skills are good in the processing I feel difficulty.  These day people are offering less salary more work and far places from my home.  I really feel difficult in C and VB if I practicing it’s feel somewhat better I feel regular practice is needed.  I saw so many good books in sapna books house and try to learn from youtube only I am trying I feel good resume and confident, strength is also required how to get it.  I feel I lost so much of my time, years and days.

Most of the computer teachers are finishing computer courses very fastly.  Without getting the students feed back even without know what the students are learned.  I feel our oldest traditional methods are better like gurukul ashrams like teaching vedas several hours computer teaching is necessary if it is on the job it’s better.

Made in India

My dream is to make everthing Indianized but available is chinese and government is not promoting Indian Industries somwhat MNC’s are OK because they are giving very good salaries to the employers properly compare to Indians at the same time we had seen reduction in jobs.

We will have to train our own country people as Indian PM said ‘Skill India’ is a dream I think I hope it’s not becoming kill India.  Ordinary government schools are worst there is no good teachers or basic facilities.  Although India is improving because of it’s Independence and technology Indians income is increasing because of outsourcing but it’s low level compare to the world. Only few of them are getting jobs.  I feel previously I saw Indian industries are paying less and lazy man power.  We are already bringing International Level.

We are importing so many goods if it’s produced in India it’s multiple taxed and also employee income tax company tax etc.  We had reduced all these it’s less compare to importing we will have to restructure our tax system many a times government job is like that type salary plus bribes.  Everybody knows corruption in India there is a big fight was happened the last government was gone still the condition was bad I heard if anybody wants to start a business or Industry in India they have to give party funds etc.

After the new government is coming I think there is no change.  On those days oppostion is working very hard to bring the party power after winning everybody was forget about people.  At least the new government is to give a clue about improvements there is no clue we are all like that type same. The foreign goods are dumping in Indian soil. I thought several times if I bought anything like electronics or mobiles it’s always made in china and it’s cheap also.  It’s take so long and coming although it’s was cheap why what was wrong in India.

Wealth is coming to India at the same times we have to manufacture or innovate ourselves and to develop our Industries.  Collaboration is  many a times good.  Here we have to bring Indian brains and talents to the world level.  There are so many poor people are there to reduce the medicine cost, hospitalized, Good water, basic electricity etc.